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About Visual ACE

Visual ACE Enterprise Business Management Software (VA) by Emirates Business Management International Consultants (EBM) is the top ERP Software in Dubai, UAE, and this region, developed & supported by a team of experienced professionals consisting of ERP System Developers, Business Analysts, Management Consultants, External & Internal Auditors, System Analysts, Chartered Accountants and Financial Analysts.

Most Effective ERP Solution



Typical ERPs costs exorbitantly - initial purchase, training & implementation, customisation, internal & external maintenance, big IT department to maintain such complex ERPs. All this comes at steep costs without matching benefits that even good companies cannot afford - especially in recession. That's where we score - affordable and professional ERP, locally developed, fully customisable, needing minimal support...

Software Features

  • Features of ERP without exorbitant purchase, implementation and maintenance costs!
  • Fully integrated Enterprise Business Management Software – suitable for any business, any product, any type, any size
  • Developed with international standards – meeting local requirements
  • Fully ready for deployment
  • Customisable for present or future requirements
  • Based on powerful and latest technology by Microsoft
  • Cost-effective – initially and later for annual maintenance

Business Verticals in Visual ACE Enterprise Business Management Software (VA), cover almost entire range of requirements to suit any size of organizations – Large Enterprises consisting of multiple companies/branches/locations; or Small & Medium Enterprises (SME). VA covers almost entire range of Product/Service Verticals – any Product or Service. VA also covers most of the Business Verticals such as :

Technical Features

  • Based on Microsoft’s latest .Net Technology – user-friendly modern interface
  • Microsoft SQL Server as back-end Database – Secured, Fast, Stable, Efficient and compatible with Microsoft Office and other Business Intelligence Tools
  • Microsoft .Net Report-Writer compatible with Crystal Report Writer
  • Any number of User Licenses available – Local or Remote
  • Any number of Companies, Branches, Divisions, Locations available
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